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Kouign Amann

  • French pastry from Breton area (in France) 1
  • Literally translates to "butter cake" in Breton language
  • Originated in town of Douarnenez, thought to be invented by Yves-Rene Scordia
  • High in butter, laminated dough. Similar technique to a croissant
  • Some methods mix sugar into the layers, some only put sugar mixture on outside of dough. Number of layers varies.
  • Basic steps:
    • Mix flour, water, yeast, salt to make dough. Knead until soft. Let dough rise.
    • Flatten dough, add butter. Wrap dough around butter.
    • Repeatedly fold and flatten the dough, refrigerating after every few folds to prevent melting butter or overworking gluten. You now have a laminated dough with many layers of alternating butter and dough.
    • Flatten laminated dough, shape and bake.



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